Gurdjieff – The significance of your neighbour2023-11-14T07:31:03+00:00
Gurdjieff – Child is never born with a soul2023-11-14T07:31:49+00:00
Gurdjieff – Involving part of air2023-11-14T07:32:08+00:00
Gurdjieff – A real actor2023-11-14T07:32:23+00:00
Gurdjieff – Death during life2023-11-14T07:32:52+00:00
Gurdjieff – Levels of Christians2023-11-14T07:33:08+00:00
Gurdjieff – Useful house2023-11-14T07:33:33+00:00
Gurdjieff – Additional force2023-11-14T07:33:47+00:00
Gurdjieff – Breaking of habit2023-11-14T07:34:00+00:00
Gurdjieff – Stupidity of man2023-11-14T07:34:15+00:00
Gurdjieff – What is a sin2023-11-14T07:34:28+00:00
Gurdjieff – Look at the Milky Way2023-11-14T07:35:38+00:00
Gurdjieff – Whoever does not love life does not love God2023-11-14T07:35:53+00:00
Gurdjieff – No faith is required2023-11-14T07:36:10+00:00
Gurdjieff – If you change, your children will change2023-11-14T07:36:26+00:00
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